By hand or in a washing machine: how to properly wash feather pillows

The range of fillers for modern pillows is very diverse: manufacturers use natural and artificial materials. However, feather and down pillows are still trendy. Such a sleeping accessory is distinguished by its softness and volume; the down and feather filling absorbs moisture well and is quickly whipped.

Despite all their advantages, pillows filled with feathers and down have a huge drawback. Absorbing sweat and odors, they becomes a favorable environment for reproducing bacteria and dust mites, so washing feather pillows becomes a mandatory annual procedure.

By hand or in a washing machine how to properly

Is it possible to wash feather pillows, and how to do it correctly? We will try to talk about it in as much detail as possible.

Features of the process

Washing a pillow filled with feathers and fluff is possible and necessary. The easiest way is to take the product to a dry cleaner, but you can also do it at home. You can wash the sleep accessory either by hand or in a washing machine: in any case, you will have to worry about the preparatory work. Before washing feather pillows, you need:

  • sew in advance or buy a new teak headpiece – it is a very dense material that does not allow feathers to climb out;
  • stock up on rubber balls with spikes for washing in the machine – they will prevent the filler from collapsing into a dense lump;
  • sew several bags from strong calico or calico – these will be “containers” for washing feathers and down;
  • prepare a large terry towel or sheet – you will dry the product on it after washing.

If you plan to wash the product by hand, you must prepare a sizeable old colander or an unnecessary basin, in the bottom of which drill a dozen holes. With the help of such a device, it will be easier to get rid of excess moisture from the filler so that the drying process is faster and easier.

We use an automatic machine for washing

One of the most frequent questions that housewives ask is whether feather pillows can be washed in a washing machine. This is not surprising because automatic washing takes much less time, freeing it up for other things.

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Although home craftsmen offer various methods of washing feather pillows in a washing machine, only one will be correct:

  1. Spread the product, divide its contents into 4-5 small bags, and be sure to sew each of them. Pay attention – you can not tie! Even the strongest knot in the washing process will come undone, and the pillow’s contents will clog the drain and filters.
  2. Depending on the volume of the drum of the machine, load several bags into it so that it is no more than 2/3 full.
  3. Place rubber balls with small spikes inside, or if you don’t have them, tennis balls will do. In the process of washing, they will knead the contents of the bags so that the feathers do not stick together in a lump.
  4. Select the delicate washing mode and set the temperature no higher than 30-40°C. Set the additional rinse mode and the “No spin” option.
  5. Instead of the usual powder, use a liquid detergent, preferably without fragrances. To obtain a pleasant aroma, add a few drops of essential oil of lemon, eucalyptus, fir or tangerine: use the ones you like more.
  6. After the process, remove the feather bags from the drum and squeeze them slightly with your hands to remove excess moisture.
  7. Disassemble the lumps stuck together through the pillowcase and place the bags on a terry towel, spreading the filler thinly.
  8. You will have to dry the product for several days, constantly beating the contents of the bags and turning them over to the other side.
  9. After the end of the process, you need to shake out a clean and dry down-and-feather mixture into the new pressure jacket and sew it well.

Not wanting to worry too much, some housewives are looking for a way to wash a feather pillow without tearing it apart. Remember: you can’t do this! First, even a small pillow placed in the drum completely will shift the center of gravity to one side – you will break the drum of the washing machine. Secondly, the teak used to sew the pillowcases, is a very dense fabric, so the pillow contents will not wash out but will simply stick together in a lump.

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How to wash a feather pillow by hand

The process of hand washing is not much different from machine washing. In this case, you will not have to choose modes but simply carefully “rub” each bag in a soapy solution in a basin.

But those who do not want to bother with sewing calico bags and transferring the contents of the pillow to them can use another option:

  1. Take a large basin, pour warm water into it, and dissolve the detergent. You can use ordinary household soap grated on a fine grater.
  2. Just pour the contents of the pusher into the basin and soak for 1.5-2 hours. During this time, all the dirt and waste products will dissolve, and the feathers will be cleaned.
  3. Carefully wash the down and feather mixture, then drain the water through a colander or an unnecessary basin with holes.
  4. Refill the basin with water and rinse the feathers to remove any remaining detergent. Rinsing can be repeated several times.
  5. When the water drains, spread a towel on the table and put a large piece of gauze folded in two layers on top. Distribute the pillow’s contents by picking out clumps of feathers with your hands.
  6. Cover with a second piece of gauze and carefully sweep the edges around the perimeter. Dry the filler by turning the resulting structure and beating the feather mixture. At the end of the process, fold the stuffing into a new clean presser and sew.

Even though it is not so challenging to wash feather pillows at home, it is better to periodically give them for professional cleaning. There, the contents of the pressure cooker are treated with ultraviolet light to get rid of bed mites and other microorganisms.

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