Can Babies Sleep on Bolsters?

Bolster pillows are used in so many ways: for sleep, for decor, for yoga and relaxation, for massage, and more! So, can babies benefit from bolsters as well? Let’s take a look.

What are the advantages of baby bolsters?

Baby bolsters are small cylindrical pillows that babies love to snuggle into. You probably had one as a child, too. Many of us keep it to this day, and as we get older, we fondly refer to it as our “chow chow.” They remind us of our carefree childhood, and there is a certain warmth and comfort associated with those memories.

How do baby bolsters look?

Baby bolsters may look like any other baby pillow, but they have many interesting and unexpected benefits that you may not have known about. First, baby bolsters are usually used as a kind of shock absorber in the crib to prevent babies from hurting themselves while sleeping.

Babies often roll around and toss and turn during sleep. When babies fidget in bed, this can lead to injury if proper precautions are not taken. A baby roll mat can act as a shock absorber, cushioning any potentially dangerous corners and edges of the crib.

What makes baby bolsters so popular?

Baby bolsters have another very interesting benefit. Did you know that baby bolsters can help your baby sleep better at night? Researchers have concluded that cuddling with an object, such as a baby bolster, during sleep helps to calm your baby. This psychological effect helps your baby sleep better and more peacefully. And we all know that a peacefully sleeping baby can mean a good night’s rest for us too. You may be wondering where to find baby bolsters. Just check Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and other online and offline baby shops to see the best bolster pillows available.

Quality baby bolsters are made exclusively from organic materials. From the fabric, used to the bean sprout pods and stuffing put inside, the baby bolsters are organic and safe for your child.

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