Euroframe in the mattress

Euroframe in the mattress what it is and what functions

What is a Euroframe in a mattress

The effect of sinking begins to manifest due to the habit of sitting on the edge of the bed. It will not be possible to eliminate it, but it is possible to prevent the occurrence of deformation. For this, manufacturers use a Euroframe – a rigid box made of polyurethane foam, which is located around the perimeter of the spring mattress. The use of such a design significantly extends the service life of the accessory. When choosing a spring mattress, you should ask a consultant or carefully study the characteristics of the product to make sure it has a Euro frame.

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A functional and helpful element is made of special dense polyurethane foam. Its thickness should be at least 6-7 cm, otherwise, under the influence of constant load, the material will quickly lose its shape and cease to perform its key task of strengthening the edges of the mattress.

Designs in which all elements are tightly packed and securely fastened together are considered the most reliable.

Important point: Modern manufacturers use a unique environmentally friendly glue for fixing. This approach ensures not only the durability of the Euro frame (5–7 years) but also the complete safety of the structure for human health.

It is easy to check the reliability of the box. You need to make sure that there is no gap between it and the spring block. To do this, move these elements relative to each other.

Why should you choose mattresses with Euroframes?

Preventing the mattress from sagging at the edges due to its weakening due to constant loads is one of the key, but not the only, advantages of using special frames. These elements also provide:

  • maintaining the correct shape of the mattress;
  • reduction of spring noise;
  • protection of fillers from dust and moisture;
  • the uniformity of the distribution of springs on the mattress (the situation when there are many of them in one place and practically none in another part is excluded).

When you understand that this is a Euro frame in a mattress and what it is needed for, it is easy to make a well-founded conclusion about the importance of such a design for the product’s durability.

Important point: Springless models do not have a Euro frame. The fact is that the layers of the flooring do not spread even without such a box, which means that the original shape of the product is preserved.

Thanks to the construction of high-quality PPU, the side surface of the mattress remains flat and elastic for as long as possible. The product generally looks quite neat during the entire period of operation.

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