The Surprising History of the Dutch Wife

Do you know the story behind the name of the Dutch wife? It’s a pillow, and the name is quite curious. The story goes that a man was traveling through Holland, and he saw a woman walking down the street with a large pillow. He asked her what it was for, and she told him that it was her husband’s Dutch wife. Intrigued, he asked her what that meant, and she explained that it was a pillow she used to keep her husband warm at night.

What kind of pillow is called the Dutch wife?

A Dutch wife pillow is a type of body pillow that is long and narrow. It gets its name from the story of a man who asked a woman in Holland what the large pillow she was carrying was for. The woman explained that it was her husband’s Dutch wife and used it to keep him warm at night.

Why is it called that way?

While the exact origins of the Dutch wife pillow are unknown, it is thought to have originated in Japan or China. These pillows were initially designed to be used by couples during winter months when extra warmth was needed. Today, Dutch wife pillows are still prevalent in Japan and China, but they have also gained popularity in other parts, including Europe and North America.

Standard sizes

Dutch wife pillows come in various sizes, but the most common length is about five feet long and two feet wide. These pillows are usually filled with down or feathers, although some newer versions may be filled with memory foam. The cover of a Dutch wife pillow can be made from various materials, including cotton, linen, and silk.

If you’re looking for a cozy way to stay warm this winter, consider investing in a Dutch wife pillow. With its fascinating history and versatile design, it’s sure to become your new favorite bedtime companion.

The best covers for Dutch wife

As with any pillow, you want to make sure your Dutch wife’s pillow has a comfortable and breathable cover. The most popular materials for Dutch wife pillow covers are cotton, linen, and silk.

Cotton is a natural material that is soft and absorbent. Silk is a luxurious material that is smooth and cool to the touch. Linen is a durable material that gets softer with each washing.

When choosing a cover for your Dutch wife pillow, select one that complements the rest of your bedding. For example, if you have a white comforter, you might want to choose a white or light-colored cover for your Dutch wife’s pillow. If you have a patterned comforter, you can use a cover that coordinates with the colors in the pattern.

Your Dutch wife pillow is an essential part of your bedding, so choose a cover that will keep it clean and protected. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

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