I want to sleep, but I can’t fall asleep: what to do

I want to sleep but I cant fall asleep what

Causes of insomnia

First, you need to understand what factors or circumstances are the reasons for the deterioration of sleep quality. Having realized them, you need to learn to eliminate or try to avoid their manifestation in the future.

Often, the quality of sleep deteriorates for completely objective reasons:

  • stress;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • pain syndrome;
  • non-standard work schedule (at night);
  • side effect of some drugs;
  • uncomfortable sleeping place.

In order to quickly solve the problem and figure out what to do if you can’t fall asleep, it is important to analyze each of the listed points, trying them on yourself. For example, if a person takes certain medications for a long time or systematically, you need to make sure that they cannot be the cause of insomnia (read the instructions, familiarize yourself with the side effects, ask the doctor questions). You need to treat your own bed carefully. It is important to objectively assess whether the sleeping place and accessories (pillow, mattress, blanket) provide a sufficient level of comfort.

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Understanding that the cause may be stress or chronic fatigue, you should not immediately go to the doctor, because at the initial stage of the problem, you can cope with it yourself. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the work schedule and the number of days off per week, month, as well as hours of rest per day. According to the results, take a vacation, take several days off, and continue to monitor compliance with the normal regime.

An important point: if there are no obvious reasons for insomnia, you need to seek medical help. Persistent sleep disturbance can be a consequence of serious abnormalities in the body, chronic diseases.

Proper preparation for a night’s rest

Avoiding the constant thoughts of what to do if you can’t fall asleep is easy by following a few simple and even pleasant rules from sleep experts. They help to relax qualitatively, which means to prepare for a full night’s rest:

  • A warm bath or shower. 1-2 hours before going to sleep help to fully relax. A person in such a state ceases to be bothered by thoughts of fatigue, so he calmly falls asleep.

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  • Room ventilation. If the room is too warm, it can cause insomnia. Such a phenomenon is a consequence of dissonance. The fact is that a person’s body temperature usually decreases during sleep and rises after waking up. Therefore, for comfortable falling asleep, the room should be cold.

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  • Warm milk. The secret is that dairy products contain tryptophan. It helps to fall asleep comfortably and quickly.

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Sometimes you feel great physically, but you worry about an upcoming business meeting or an unpleasant event that happened today. What to do if you can’t fall asleep because of thoughts is a fairly common problem. In such situations, somnologists give a very specific recommendation. It’s simple: take a piece of paper and write down the thoughts that bother you. After that, the brain will perceive the prescribed tasks as completed, and problems as solved.

Adherence to the sleep regime

The habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time helps the body adjust its internal regulatory system. Every person has it, but it cannot show its effectiveness due to chaotic regimes. Keeping a clear schedule helps you fall asleep almost instantly.

Important point: The optimal duration of sleep for an adult is 7-9 hours every night.

The correct sleep mode includes several more conditions:

  • Sufficient physical activity. It is better to choose a training plan of medium intensity and not to overdo it. It is optimal to exercise in the first half of the day than in the afternoon.

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  • Refusal of daytime sleep. Especially long (more than 2 hours) and late.
  • A proper dinner. Should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. It is important to emphasize light foods (vegetables, fruits, yogurt, kefir). If you want carbohydrates, you need to eat them at least 4 hours before bedtime.

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Important point: The use of any electronic devices late at night negatively affects the quality of sleep. It is better to give up watching TV, video games and smartphones.

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Comfortable sleeping place

Very often, the answer to the question of what to do if you want to sleep but can’t fall asleep is to be found in your own bedroom. Old mattress, uncomfortable bed, too hard pillow. The sleeping place should be perfectly comfortable – in such conditions, the body adopts the most natural posture, a person quickly relaxes and falls asleep.

An orthopedic mattress is the optimal solution for a full night’s rest. Its presence eliminates, in particular, the use of a bed or sofa with an uneven surface, ensuring the anatomically correct position of the human body. This effect occurs thanks to special technologies for creating orthopedic mattresses, a combination of modern materials. You can choose the product that is suitable in all parameters, taking into account the weight of the person, the dimensions of the bed, personal preferences, taking into account fabrics and fillers, in our online store “World of Mattresses”. Listen to the advice of experts, choose the right accessories for sleep and remember that a full night’s rest is an important condition for maintaining good health.

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