Latex in the mattress – what is it?

  • good ventilation;
  • ecological safety;
  • resistance to mold;
  • hygiene;
  • plasticity.

Latex in the mattress what is it

Below you will learn what latex is and why it is used in mattresses. And also: which material is better — latex or polyurethane foam.

What is latex?

The same as rubber. A substance synthesized from the sap of the Hevea rubber tree. Its main property is the ability to withstand strong deformations, returning to its original shape. It is artificial and natural.

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Artificial latex is a type of foam. It is synthesized by combining natural rubber and artificial components, which include, for example, polyurethane foam. Such a combination of materials makes it possible to reduce the cost of goods.

As for mattresses, they get the following properties with such a filler:

  • softness;
  • plasticity;
  • protection against moisture.

At the same time, artificial latex shows itself worse in the composition of products. It does not repel, but absorbs water, unlike its natural counterpart. This shortens the service life of the model, as the component in its structure dries out and begins to tear. Although such a mattress costs less, it loses quality relatively quickly. In the future, it may be more interesting for the consumer.

Latex mattresses: advantages and disadvantages

The main positive characteristic of a latex mattress is its orthopedic effect. The product provides the highest level of comfort for the user. The elastic filler adapts to the shape of the human body, due to which it feels comfortable. The spine receives the necessary support, and the muscles and joints relax, the pain goes away. In the morning, a person wakes up refreshed, rested and full of strength.

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Disadvantages of the model include the expensive price and the need to care for the mattress. However, you need to take care of any household item so that it lasts longer.

Service life of a latex mattress

A quality mattress of this type can be used for up to 25 years. Dust does not accumulate in the filler, and parasites do not multiply. In addition, good latex remains as hard as it was initially even after long-term use. In order for the thing to serve for a long time, you should follow several rules:

  • do not use a mattress without a cover;
  • change the side of the mattress you sleep on every two to three months;
  • vacuum the model with a special nozzle;
  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture;
  • systematically ventilate the product;
  • do not jump on the mattress and do not walk with your feet.

Compliance with these requirements will significantly increase the service life of the item and help preserve its useful properties. The mattress cover needs to be washed, which should also not be forgotten.

What is better: artificial latex or polyurethane foam

Both materials have a high level of hygiene and breathability. However, latex generally exhibits great elasticity and durability. At the same time, a mattress made of it is heavier than a model made of polyurethane foam of the same dimensions.

The price of artificial latex is higher than that of polyurethane foam, so if you need to save money, prefer the latter. You can buy such a model for the country or in another place where you are not constantly. If you need to make a purchase for further use every day, it is wise to choose a latex version. It is also permissible to combine both components, which will complement and strengthen each other’s qualities.

How to choose a latex mattress

Pay attention to the certificates attached to the product. They testify to the safety of the product composition and its compliance with the necessary standards. The warranty period is also important – if it is short, then you should think about it. The porosity of the product also plays a role: the efficiency of ventilation depends on it.

All these criteria are important when choosing a model. A sales consultant in the store will help you find the best option.

Latex is often included in orthopedic mattresses, giving them the properties of breathability, elasticity, and hygiene. The ideal option of the filler according to the criterion of wear resistance and durability. Its main advantage is the orthopedic effect, it acquires the desired shape according to the user’s anatomy. Practical goods justify their cost and serve for decades.

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