One and a half bed: everything you need to know about the dimensions

One and a half bed: everything you need to know about the dimensions


  • There are different beds
  • Who should buy “one and a half”

Choosing furniture is a responsible and not always easy task. Especially if the room is small and you want to arrange a comfortable bedroom. Or you need to choose a comfortable sleeping place for a teenager – designed in an adult way, but not too big. In all these cases, the best solution will be to purchase a bed and a half. How to correctly orient yourself in the sizes (and they may differ) and to whom this format of a sleeping place is suitable, read in the material.

One and a half bed everything you need to know

There are different beds

Probably, everyone got into a situation when bed sets that seemed to be the same size actually differed from each other by several centimeters. Some complained to bed sellers or even to manufacturers. After all, it seems that when it comes to single size, it should be the same everywhere. In fact, there is one nuance that applies to both bed linen and the bedroom furniture itself. These are Ukrainian, European and American standards. Therefore, the dimensions of a one-and-a-half bed may differ. The following parameters should be taken into account:

  • Ukraine — 120*190 cm;
  • America – the width can vary from 122 to 151 cm, and the length, respectively, from 190 to 203 cm;
  • the European format is 140–160*200–210 cm.

If you plan to choose furniture abroad, it is important to consider this nuance. It is also important when buying bed sets. In order for everything to fit and be comfortable to use, it is important to choose the right sizes.

In general, there is a classic recommendation for choosing the most comfortable bed size: you need to take into account your own height and weight. It is unacceptable that the legs or head rest against the beams or the limbs hang from the sides. For healthy sleep, the body should fit comfortably on the bed. Ideally, the length of the bed is calculated according to the formula: human height + 20–30 cm. The higher and bigger the pillow you like, the more centimeters you need to add. The width is measured in a different way: you need to lie on your back and put your hands on your chest with your elbows out to the sides. The distance between the two elbow joints will be the optimal width of the bed for your comfortable rest. Therefore, before buying a bed, it is better to make sure which parameters are suitable for your specific situation.

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Who should buy “one and a half”

When choosing a one and a half bed, the size of which is suitable for a teenager or someone who lives alone, you should not forget about the advantages of this decision. After all, this type of furniture has many features that can be successfully used in a room for two. Who should arrange such a sleeping place? There are several options:

  1. For owners of a small apartment, where every square meter is valued and you need to place furniture, like parts in the popular game “Tetris”. The dimensions of the one-and-a-half bed allow two people of not very large build to fit on it.
  2. For bachelors and bachelorettes who like to sleep in comfort, without limiting themselves to centimeters of a single bed.
  3. Young families, when the mother sometimes has to sleep with the child for closer contact and comfort for both.
  4. Lovers who sleep in each other’s arms, occupying the minimum bed space together. Both romantic and practical.
  5. For people who just want to save money on buying furniture, because a one-and-a-half bed can be comfortable for two people, and it will cost less than a double bed or a euro bed.

Mood and well-being in the morning depend on a comfortable sleep. Therefore, choosing a sleeping place should be approached very responsibly. Everything is important: the dimensions of the bed, the materials from which it is made, the design that you like, the presence of comfortable pillows and a mattress, the purchase of bed linen in your favorite colors and from pleasant fabrics. Decorate your bedroom with love and expertise, and the reward will be a full rest and energy for a bright life.

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