Orthopedic pillow: how to use it correctly for a comfortable sleep

Orthopedic pillow how to use it correctly for a comfortable

Choosing an orthopedic pillow: what to pay attention to

Special accessories for a comfortable sleep can be of different sizes and shapes (classic, “wave”, roller). The height is considered a critically important parameter, because the product should hold the head in a comfortable position without squeezing the cervical vertebrae.

Important point: In order to choose a pillow of the optimal size, you need to take into account the position in which a person likes to sleep on his back, on his side, on his stomach.

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It is easy to determine the height. It is enough to measure the distance from the neck to the shoulder joint if a person sleeps on his side. For men, the standard height is 13-15 cm, for women – 11-13 cm. Those who like to sleep on their stomachs should choose lower accessories.

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One of the most important characteristics of an anatomical pillow is the filler. Modern manufacturers use different materials. Particularly popular are:

  • Foam with memory (memory foam). Soft and fairly elastic material responds to body pressure. The filler is easily adjusted to its shape. The lack of back pressure from the foam allows the muscles to fully relax.
  • Latex. The natural material from hevea juice does not accumulate dust due to excellent ventilation. It has bactericidal properties and is durable.
  • Sintepukh The filler does not absorb odors and moisture, allows air to pass through well.
  • Wool. Gentle and elastic material provides excellent softness and elasticity of the pillow. The filler belongs to the category of environmentally friendly. It does not contain toxic substances, does not electrify.

Important: There are models with mixed fillers. A synthetic fiber is added to the natural material to ensure durability of the product along with comfort.

How to properly sleep on an orthopedic pillow

Special accessories help you fall asleep quickly, rest comfortably all night, maintain the correct posture, and also prevent snoring. There can be many positive results, but it is important to understand how to properly sleep on an anatomical pillow. It depends on the shape of the selected model:

  • Classic. A rectangular straight pillow differs from a regular one in its filling. Suitable for any position during sleep. It is important that the product does not hang from the bed, but is completely contained on its surface.
  • “Wave”. One of the most common models. Visually, these are two ridges of different heights. There is a small recess between them. Those who like to sleep on their back should have a smaller pillow under their head, a larger one is suitable for those who prefer to rest on their side at night.
  • With a notch for the shoulder. This model allows you to position your head not too high above the level of the bed. Perfect for anyone who likes to sleep on their side.
  • Platen. Ensures the physiologically correct position of the neck. Suitable for sleeping on the side or back.

Caring parents ask: how to properly sleep on an orthopedic pillow for a child? In general, the rules for choosing and using such accessories do not differ for adults and children.

Important point: Anatomical pillows can be used for babies from the 28th day of birth. By this time, you need to give up any padding under the child’s head.

Recommendations for the care of an anatomical pillow

In order for special sleep accessories to serve long and effectively, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • ventilate the product in the fresh air every week;
  • do not cover the pillow with a blanket/cover (this will preserve normal ventilation);
  • store only in special covers (use of bags and other unsuitable packaging materials will lead to deterioration of the filler);
  • wash only according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is easy to figure out how to properly lie on an orthopedic pillow – photos of the use of any accessories are freely available on the Internet. You can choose a product with the required dimensions and filler for adults and children in our “World of Mattresses” online store. A variety of models is a great opportunity to choose the optimal solution for a comfortable sleep and a full rest.

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