Types of beds by design and size

Sleeping places for children

Constructions for adults and children have significant differences in mattress stiffness, size, and structure. A large bed creates inconvenience for the child. Design is also important for children. Children’s beds are presented in three categories:

  • for newborns;
  • children of preschool age;
  • teenagers

If adults like stylish design, kids need bright pictures, an attractive shape, and the opportunity to have fun. If the child wants to play with cars, it will be much more comfortable for him to sleep in a crib in the form of a vehicle.

The same can be said about girls. Many people like a cozy atmosphere so that parents can buy house beds. This opens up many opportunities for games and relaxation. Considering the needs of children, manufacturers produce beds of various shapes. Furniture in the form of pirate boats, princess houses, and spaceships is in demand. Parents need to understand the needs and wishes of children well and buy the proper structure.

Loft bed

Although furniture is mainly placed on the floor, modern advances have helped to change this approach somewhat. A loft bed is an ideal option for small spaces, where every meter is worth its weight in gold. Such models have a raised platform where the work area can freely fit a table, a wardrobe, and other furniture. The main advantage of the design is that it effectively uses the upper space, which often remains free and unladen.

Such beds can cause a feeling of fear because they are located on a mountain. However, thanks to the fastening system, the construction is reliable. Additional connections with the floor increase the level of security and also give a sense of peace. It can be a ladder or a similar element of the interior.

Classic models

Standard types of beds are well known. Modern furniture is comfortable and practical. Mostly, such structures are made of wood, chipboard, or metal. These materials are durable and reliable. The design is stylish, albeit simple. The presence of patterns on the back and body is a common practice. Considering the long service life and convenience of such models, they are chosen by most people.

Transformer beds

This is an innovative option that is only gaining popularity. The main feature is a change in configuration and functionality. For this purpose, additional mechanisms necessary for conversion are established. Although this approach allows for a more constructive use of the bed, failure of even one element makes the transformation process difficult. Transformers are suitable for small rooms where you must use practically every meter. The sleeping place can be turned into a sofa or a wardrobe, thanks to which there is an opportunity to store the necessary things conveniently.

Models with a lifting mechanism

In recent years, such types of double beds have become increasingly popular. This is due to the practice of wise use of space. The furniture is equipped with a mechanism that lifts the mattress. Thanks to this, there is an additional place for storing bed linen, clothes, and other things that do not need daily use. The mechanism is quite simple, lifting does not require much effort. In case of damage, it is easy to repair. Unlike transformers, such structures can be used as beds in the future. It is convenient for relaxation, especially if you spend much time at home.

Two-story structures

Two-story structures are among the most popular types. Families with two or more children buy them. If it is impossible to provide children with separate rooms, a bunk bed will be the most practical. The sleeping places are connected by a ladder, which the child can climb. The designs have built-in storage spaces. Children adore such furniture.

Features of use and dimensions

Beds come in different sizes. The dimensions depend on the specifics of use. In general, furniture is represented by three groups:

  1. Single. From 80×190 to 90×200 cm. Classic sizes for one person.
  2. One and a half. The standard width is 120 or 140 cm, and the length is 190 or 200 cm. They are suitable for those who do not have enough space for a comfortable rest on a single bed.
  3. Double. From 160 to 200 cm wide. Two people will be comfortably accommodated on such a plane.

Needs, circumstances, and preferences may change. Much depends on the size of the room, features of the interior, and other factors. If you want more comfort, choose any convenient option among the beds.

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