What is latex: features of the material and scope of application

The topic of healthy sleep and good rest is trendy today. This is not surprising because a person’s well-being his ability to take active and effective actions throughout the day directly depend on such factors. What conditions are optimal for sleep, how many hours a day you need to rest, how to choose a comfortable bed, and what orthopedic and anatomical mattresses are filled with, which ensure the most correct body position during rest – there are many questions. Dealing with them is exciting and important for everyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will learn what latex is, how it is produced, and why it is so popular as a filler for modern sleep accessories.What is latex features of the material and scope of.webp

Where does latex come from?

The natural substance obtained based on Hevea juice attracts with excellent operational characteristics. This material is well known as latex or rubber.

It’s interesting: hevea is an evergreen tree of the milkweed family originating from South America and Southeast Asia. The plant is very picky. Unique climatic conditions are essential for hevea: high humidity without a pronounced dry season, an air temperature of at least 25⁰C, and the absence of strong wind. 1699133189 452 What is latex features of the material and scope of.webp

Latex can be of different shades: beige, yellowish, or brighter, up to orange. You should not doubt the naturalness of this material if you order products with such a filler from a reliable seller. The substance’s color depends on the method of processing the raw materials, but all these shades are the norm for latex.

Such a substance is used quite widely: in medicine (gloves, plasters), light industry (shoes, clothes), construction (linoleum), creation of sleep products (filler for pillows, mattresses, blankets), etc. Rubber is no less actively used to produce children’s goods – pacifiers, balloons, massagers for teeth, and masks. However, it is sleep products made of this material that are gaining more and more popularity.

Latex or PPU – what to choose

Many buyers who want to get warm but at the same time, practical clothes that will not steam are wondering what is better – sintepon or holofiber. Such a dilemma arises for those who want to order a high-quality orthopedic mattress and choose between latex and the equally popular PPU. To make the right decision, you need to understand these materials and their features.

Latex is one of the most popular natural fillers. Its price is relatively high. This is due to both processing difficulties and logistical costs. The material attracts with its valuable characteristics: softness, elasticity, hypoallergenic, antibacterial properties of plant raw materials, and excellent orthopedic effect.

It’s interesting: hevea sap is collected by hand, like birch sap. This is a long process. Rubber hardens very quickly, so the key task is to deliver the liquid to the factory for appropriate processing as quickly as possible.

Polyurethane foam is artificial latex or one of the types of foam with additional components. Sometimes, this material is also called ecopine. By analogy with natural rubber, it has excellent orthopedic and hypoallergenic properties but is more arduous. Thanks to this, it perfectly withstands significant loads.

Having understood what PPU and latex are, it is essential to consider that these materials differ significantly in terms of service life. Products made of natural rubber can last up to 15-20 years while their shape remains unchanged. Ekopina is a less durable material. Mattresses and blankets made of PU can be used for up to 5-10 years, depending on the type and quality of raw materials.

Advantages of latex products

If we do not take into account the period of use, we can say that products made of natural and synthetic rubber show themselves equally well. Their physical properties are identical:

  • Environmentally friendly – ideal for people of all ages. The materials are harmless; they create the most comfortable conditions for sleep and rest.
  • Ergonomics – excellent adaptation to the shape of the human body provides reliable and correct support for each area. This helps reduce pressure on the spine and joints, improve blood circulation, and improve sleep quality.
  • Optimum rigidity — the ideal balance of softness and elasticity allows not only to hold a significant weight, but also to restore the product’s shape instantly. This characteristic ensures the most correct anatomical position during sleep. 1699133189 659 What is latex features of the material and scope of.webp
  • Excellent ventilation – the porous material allows air to pass through perfectly and does not retain moisture. Thanks to this, the products are not permeated with unpleasant odors, and sleeping on them is always comfortable.

This is interesting: latex is one of the most popular fillers for children’s mattresses. Its unique properties ensure healthy sleep and complete relaxation, which allows you to get rid of the tension accumulated during the day. This is especially important for children.

Latex and PPU are materials for creating premium products. They provide improved comfort and a whole night’s rest. You can choose suitable accessories for sleeping from latex in the “World of Mattresses” online store. All products presented in the catalog are certified. This means that each buyer receives a high-quality, durable product that is entirely safe for humans.

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