Lifting mechanisms for beds: types and design features

Lifting mechanisms for beds types and design features

Manual lifting mechanism

It is clear from the name that this bed will require physical effort. The lift in such models is powerful and durable. But it is not very convenient to use: a child will not be able to cope with it, and it will be pretty difficult for a fragile woman.

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On the other hand, such a mechanism is used in inexpensive beds and is popular due to its affordable price.

Modern manufacturers have managed to take a step forward in the creation of manual lifts. In their design, it is possible to install a spring or a gas lift in the future, making operation easier and more comfortable.

Advantages of the spring mechanism

This type involves the installation of a load compensator. It is about twisted steel springs. They significantly facilitate the lifting process but do not make it automatic. Therefore, the use of force is still necessary. This bed lift mechanism is affordable and more convenient than a manual one.

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However, there is one drawback — the short life of springs that can stretch. The average service life of the mechanism is five years. After that, the spring block will have to be replaced.

Mechanism on gas elevators: features

One of the most modern options is a gas lift. This construction uses a gas device, which guarantees smooth and easy lifting of the bed without extra effort. In addition, such lifting mechanisms for beds allow you to fix the base at the desired angle without the risk of sudden closure.

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Correctly selected shock absorbers guarantee ten years of comfortable operation. And even a child or an elderly person can cope with this mechanism.

How to choose a convenient option: simple tips

Each lifting device has its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice should be individual. To find the right solution, you should understand in advance who will use the bed, what is the weight of the moving part, and what kind of structure you plan to equip:

  1. If we are talking about a person who cannot physically cope with lifting the mattress, it is better not to think about the manual mechanism. For a children’s room or a bedroom of older people, it is better to choose a gas lift. If you need a budget option but with improved characteristics, you should prefer springs.
  2. The heavier the structure of the sleeping place (it depends on the material from which the bed is made and the thickness and filling of the mattress), the more vital and reliable the elements of the lifting mechanism should be.
  3. It is better to clarify in advance whether the structure has additional blockers that will guarantee the safety of the process and eliminate the risks of an unexpected fall of the moving part, especially when it comes to a children’s bed.

To sum it up, a compromise cannot be dispensed with. It would be best if you chose what is more important: durability, cost or convenience. After all, manual mechanisms are the most wear-resistant, gas shock absorbers are convenient, and spring mechanisms are universal but short-lived. Choose a bed that will be comfortable for you. Then the bedroom will always have an atmosphere of peace and comfort.

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