Large Bolster Pillow by WOWMAX

Did you know, that wedge bolster pillows are considered to be the most multi-purpose pillow type? Well, now you know. These pillows can be used to support your back while you read, watch TV or even just sit relaxed on your bed or sofa. Also, wedge bolster pillows can be used for sleep or as headrest support. In hotels, wedge bolster pillows are used for pillow support in large beds. Besides, you can use this pillow for knee and leg support if you need it.

WOWMAX Large Bolster Triangular Headboard Backrest Positioning Support Reading in interior

We have selected wedge bolster pillows by WOWMAX as our top pick in the whole bolster pillow selection that is available online. Sure thing, we have considered several factors.



Why buy?


The price is 15% higher, than the average bolster pillows available online.


Yet, the size is bigger [king size], and the cover can be removed for washing.


These features are not always available for the other wedge bolster pillows.


2.290+ Ratings

This wedge bolater pillow has received 75% more positive reviews and ratings, than the similar wedge bolster pillows.


And, theis bolster pillow managed to keep the highest rating, being 5 stars

  • Removable bolster pillow cover that can be easily machine washed;

  • Provides back and neck support while reading or watching TV;

  • Can be used as headboard in hotels, hostels and in bedrooms;

  • Filled with 100% polyurethane that is hypoallergic.

About Elaine Andrews

AndrewsElaine Andrews is an expert in design. She worked for 10+ years in the interior design sphere. After she became a mother, she fell in love with bolster pillows, as they helped her a lot with back pains and other health issues. Today, she is happy to share her experience with the readers.