Discover the world of comfort with a PPU mattress

Discover the world of comfort with a PPU mattress

Unique properties of polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a material that is widely used in the production of mattresses and other sleeping products. This name refers to a type of polymer obtained by a chemical reaction between:

  1. Polyols are organic compounds containing hydroxyl groups, which include one atom of hydrogen and oxygen. They react with other components of PPU and create a porous structure.
  2. Isocyanates are organic compounds containing isocyanate groups. They are kind of like building blocks, they need to be mixed with other substances to create a chemical reaction.

One of the key properties that polyurethane foam offers in a mattress is a porous structure with open or closed pores. This creates a unique combination of softness and support, making it an ideal material. PPU has high elasticity, the ability to take the shape of the body and recover after loading. This ensures comfort and optimal support of the spine during sleep.

Polyurethane foam versus other fillers

Not everyone understands the differences between the different types of materials from which mattresses are made. PPU is sometimes confused with latex, memory foam, foam. Let’s consider the features of each option.

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Polyurethane foam versus latex

Latex is a natural material obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. It has elasticity and elasticity, it is widely used in the production of sleep products. Latex mattresses perfectly adapt to body contours provide spine support and good ventilation. They are also distinguished by durability and unsurpassed anti-allergenic properties.

Unlike latex, polyurethane foam is a synthetic material obtained through a chemical reaction. It absorbs well, takes the shape of the body and recovers after the load. When choosing between materials, everyone decides based on their own preferences.

PPU vs. Memory Foam

Memory foam (viscous or memory) adapts to the contours of the body under the influence of heat and pressure. It is soft and elastic, but at the same time it can remember the shape and slowly return to its original state after the load is stopped. Memory foam reacts to body heat, becoming more pliable, which creates a feeling of pleasant coverage and support.

1699134876 457 Discover the world of comfort with a PPU mattress

When considering a polyurethane mattress, reviews say it can have different properties depending on specific formulas and manufacturing processes. The filler is soft, elastic, and supportive but does not have a memory effect.

PPU against foam

Foam is a porous material obtained by foaming by introducing a bubble mass into a liquid form and then solidification. It is made of polymers: polyurethane, polyethylene, or polystyrene. It is used in various industries, including the production of mattresses. Depending on the specific properties and characteristics of foam rubber, there may be different levels of density and stiffness. More than 40 markings are used in production for various calculated loads.

The production technology of PPU is different. It is considered more robust and more durable, providing better support and comfort.

The secret of quality sleep on polyurethane mattresses

Why many people prefer PPU to a bed — reviews speak of the following advantages:

  1. Maintaining body temperature is due to the correct density and size of the cells. Moisture and warmth are preserved for a long time.
  2. Improved comfort due to softness. Polyurethane foam relieves pressure from various areas of the body and joints, and relieves superficial pain.
  3. Low cost – ease of production makes PPU an affordable filler. Its price varies depending on stiffness, thickness (indicated in the product characteristics in cm), brand of foam for mattresses, composition of other layers.
  4. Variety – soft or hard. Depending on the density, different types of filler are obtained. Soft is designed for comfort, hard – to protect edges, and form support layers.
  5. Abrasion resistance – thin layers of this material prevent friction between other types of fillers. Due to wear resistance, the service life of a polyurethane mattress is quite long.
  6. Lightweight – thanks to pores. The mattress is simply brought to your house and installed on the bed.

PPU can be used as one of the layers in orthopedic models, latex products, memory foam, and others. Disadvantages of the material include the ability to absorb odors, low ventilation, and the need for regular cleaning. However, they are easily solved by airing, staying in the sun, turning on the other side, and vacuuming.

Why a PU mattress is the perfect solution for your sleep

Polyurethane foam adapts well to the temperature and humidity of the environment, providing an optimal microclimate for sleep. It has excellent cushioning that absorbs movements and noise, which allows you to reduce the spread of your partner’s body turns on the bed and ensures uninterrupted sleep. PPU mattresses are products with different levels of stiffness, thickness, and anatomical support that meet the individual needs and preferences of each person. Take care of your comfort while sleeping.

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