Which side is better to sleep on?

What’s the right position?

When it comes to which side is better to sleep on, it’s important to find a balance that suits your individual needs and preferences. While there isn’t a conclusive answer from doctors on which sleep position is best, they do offer certain recommendations. Each sleeping position has its own advantages, and it’s important to take an individual approach. Most people sleep on either their right or left side, with fewer people sleeping on their stomachs or backs. By understanding the benefits of each position, you can make an informed choice.1699133014 51 Which side is better to sleep on.webp

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

A significant number of doctors advise exactly this position for rest. When deciding which side is better to sleep on, consider the advantages of the left side:

  1. Prevents snoring. This provision does not eliminate the causes of this phenomenon, but allows to reduce its negative impact. When a person turns to the left, it frees up the airways as much as possible, which prevents snoring.
  2. It helps reduce heartburn. This phenomenon is mostly a side effect of eating right before bed. If you lie on your left side, the junction of the stomach and esophagus will be slightly above the level of stomach acid. Regularly lying on the right side can aggravate the problem.
  3. It has a positive effect on the lymphatic system. Waste from the body is carried by liquid, so blocking the pathways can cause negative health consequences. When choosing a sleeping position, consider that resting on the left side helps to filter waste.
  4. Reduces back pain. In this position, the tension on the spine decreases. Blood circulation also improves.

Specialists also advise which side to sleep on is better for the heart. If there are no contraindications, you can choose the left side. This greatly facilitates the work of the organ, because the process of pumping blood takes place freely. The aorta bends to the left, and the heart exerts much less effort.

Advantages of sleeping on the right side

Suitable for heart diseases. During sleep, the load on the organ decreases, so there is no pain. But consider that the right lung and liver are clamped. When the question arises whether it is possible to sleep on the right side, take into account the indications:

  • congestion in the gallbladder;
  • heart failure;
  • rehabilitation after a heart attack;
  • liver disease.

Lying on your side promotes healthy sleep. Consider the disease and the consequences.

Regardless of the side, the fetal position during sleep helps to relieve lower back pain and completely relax. But with this position, the load on the spine increases, blood flow becomes more difficult, and some parts of the body swell.1699133014 809 Which side is better to sleep on.webp

Sleeping on your stomach or back

It may be more convenient, but the corresponding body positions are not always practical. Prolonged lying on the stomach is contraindicated for those with heart problems. Also, when the spine is curved, painful sensations may occur. With such a position, blood circulation is disturbed, which can lead to the appearance of swelling. Another negative consequence is increased pressure on the bladder, which causes frequent urges. However, it will help those who snore to breathe quietly.

Sleeping on your back reduces pressure on your spine and relieves neck pain. At the same time, it is recommended to put your hands on your chest. This is a neutral body position that suits almost everyone.

The presence and type of pillow play a significant role. It should be low, of optimal size, and provide accessible support for the head. Healthy sleep is a universal need. By choosing the right posture for rest, you will contribute to full recovery and significantly improve your emotional and physical state.

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