Which company’s mattress is better: features and advantages of manufacturers

Which company’s mattress is better: features and advantages of manufacturers


  • How to choose
  • Spring block
  • Options for fillers
  • A variety of upholstery
  • Choice of manufacturers

A comfortable bed is the most important factor for healthy and sound sleep. In order for the rest to be full, it was enough to buy a good bed. It is much more important which mattress will lie on top. A good orthopedic model takes the optimal shape under the weight of the body, gently supporting the spine and removing the load from the joints.

Many buyers, going to the store for a new mattress or browsing the pages of online catalogs, first of all pay attention to the brand. What brand of mattress should I choose so that it turns out to be the best, most comfortable and of the highest quality? In free access, you can find a lot of ratings in which one or another manufacturer is put on the first place, and some are outsiders. But can such lists be trusted, if each person has his own idea about the comfort of a mattress?

We suggest that you carefully study the information about the manufacturing companies whose products are presented in the “World of Mattresses” catalog in order to draw your own conclusions and understand which firm’s mattress is the best.

Which companys mattress is better features and advantages of manufacturers

How to choose

A company that does not adhere to production standards cannot deliver a good quality product to the market. Therefore, before buying, you need to understand the main points that affect the quality and price of the mattress.

Spring block

There are two types of spring mattresses:

  • with dependent block (Bonnel);
  • with an independent block.

In the first case, all springs are combined into a common structure inserted into a strong frame, which carries the main load. To make production cheaper, some manufacturers ignore this point and make Bonnel blocks frameless, which greatly affects their quality.

In the second version, the springs in the mattress are independent of each other and each of them is sewn into a special cover. According to the standards, there should not be less than 256 springs in one square meter of area. Reducing this number is an unscrupulous way to save.

Regardless of the type of springs used to produce a mattress, each of them must have at least five coils – otherwise the product will be of poor quality.

Options for fillers

During the manufacture of mattresses, both natural and synthetic fillers can be used. The more natural components in the product, the more expensive and better it is. During the production of sleeping accessories of the budget segment, artificial fillers are usually used. Despite the low cost, they should be of good quality. For example, polyurethane foam with a density of less than 25 kg/sq. m is not suitable for the production of mattresses.

A variety of upholstery

The best materials for mattress upholstery are jacquard, silk and knitwear. Such fabrics are strong, do not electrify and last a long time. Artificial materials for mattress upholstery make the structure cheaper, and their presence should be mentioned in the product description. It is equally important that the upholstery of the mattress is densely quilted. It depends on how much it will deform during use.

When thinking about which brand of mattress to choose, study the information about the brands, as well as carefully read the description of the products, study the label. A conscientious manufacturer will not hide information, and if this is not the case, you should look for other options.

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Choice of manufacturers

In order to understand which company is better to buy a mattress, we offer a brief overview of Ukrainian mattress manufacturers, as well as companies that have organized joint production with companies from Italy and Germany.

  1. MatroLuxe. A company that has received a huge number of positive feedback from customers. The products of this brand represent considerable competition for foreign companies that supply their goods to the Ukrainian market. This is the largest manufacturer in Ukraine, which has developed more than 15 author’s collections of chic mattresses with various properties.
  2. Bartolini. The products of this brand are made only according to Italian technologies and with the use of materials developed in Italy. When thinking about which company’s mattress to choose, it is definitely worth paying attention to the products of this brand – it is distinguished by safety and reliability. A wide range of products allows you to meet the needs of different customers.
  3. Gutenkauf. The mattresses of this manufacturer will last for more than one year, because each of them undergoes a three-level inspection for maximum compliance with European quality standards. The use of innovative German technologies makes it possible to achieve an ideal ratio of price and quality, to improve the ergonomics of each model.
  4. Nikelly. A young manufacturing company that won the hearts of many buyers. There are many reasons: high-quality German equipment, our own development and innovation center, only high-quality natural materials. High-quality orthopedic mattresses of this brand are inexpensive.
  5. dr. Matson. Don’t know which company to buy a mattress for back pain? The products of this brand were developed in close cooperation with the American Orthopedic Association. The optimal model range does not allow you to doubt for a long time, and the selection criteria are environmental friendliness, safety and excellent orthopedic properties of each product.
  6. Highfoam. The company has been producing orthopedic mattresses for over 25 years. Today, it is the leader in the use of springless technologies in the production of mattresses. For a quarter of a century, specialists have developed and implemented a unique technology for assembling orthopedic structures, which is why Highfoam products are rightly considered the best in their segment.
  7. Dela Rey. The company produces high-quality analogs of expensive mattresses of Western production, using inexpensive modern materials. Due to the availability of a wide range of sizes, every buyer can choose a suitable inexpensive mattress.
  8. Munger. The products of this German-Ukrainian company enjoy considerable popularity and are distinguished by high reliability, excellent quality and durability. A distinctive feature is the use of advanced technologies and own developments.
  9. Master of Dreams. The specialty of this brand is spring mattresses of various designs, which attract with good quality of execution and a very affordable price.
  10. MAXX. The company supplies the Ukrainian market with premium-segment mattresses made using multilayers. All models are highly hypoallergenic and made from natural fillers. The absolute safety and quality of the products is evidenced by compliance with the high standards of ISO 9001:2015 and OEKO-TEX100.

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The products of all manufacturers presented in the “World of Mattresses” catalog are distinguished by high quality and attractive prices. Choose the model that best meets your needs and financial capabilities, and if necessary, use the advice of our specialists. Happy shopping!

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